Collaborative data environment for agriculture. Farmers face new challenges and opportunities like never before.

Tracking herd moves with myObservatory

Innovative land management movements such as regenerative agriculture, sustainable agriculture, agroecology and others are evolving in response to an improving understanding of ecological balance in production systems. Few tools are powerful enough yet affordable enough to allow farmers to collect, analyze and visualize environmental data to explore and deepen their understanding of their land. Farmers are finding that harnessing traditional and new sources of data in collaborative ways will be the key to achieving greater operational efficiency and succeeding in today's marketplace.

Watch a brief video (2:56) of Peter Traverse from Innisfree Farm discussing his experiences with bringing new technologies and innovations to farming.

Uploading soil moisture data

myObservatory provides unique tools specifically for managing agricultural data, including tools to track livestock events, livestock movements, and animal day acres. Using myObservatory to monitor climate change, land use patterns, soil and water characteristics, and other metrics can help you understand long term effects of soil and water relationships on your landscape. Collected data can be shared with interested stakeholders, e.g. policy groups, environmentalists, and regulators, to collaborate in a controlled manner. Employees and helpers can have fine-grained access controls in place to allow everyone to work with exactly the data they need.

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