Citizen Science projects and their participants often need a way to store and collaborate on scientific data that's far more complex than a simple spreadsheet or textual document can handle well. myObservatory can help.

Collecting data according to data campaign GPS.

myObservatory is on the path to becoming exactly the sort of sophisticated technology that the Citizen Science movement is seeking. The system is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of users, but is simultaneously uniquely suited to land managers. While other citizen science platforms are designed to organize data for a singular experiment, myObservatory is capable of housing a myriad of qualitative, quantitative and visual data relating to all aspects of managing an operation, from recording the daily movement of cattle through pasture to conducting a long-term scientific study, to collecting and plotting questionnaire results for a college student.

Plotting experimental points on a map.

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Exploring collected data in a timeline view.

myObservatory is an information management system useful with virtually any type of data. The platform allows users to easily implement and manage rigorous and exact data collection, even for casual and citizen users. The platform allows you to:

  1. Identify your area of interest (anywhere on the globe) and map those locations using GIS mapping tools for easy reference
  2. Harvest public information (such as local, regional, and global data)
  3. Collect your own data through field observation tools, sensors, automatic location tagging, and customizable collection forms
  4. Quality assurance tools ensure data is valid as it comes in, with customizable tests bringing rigor to the data acquisition process
  5. Multi-level user access control makes it easy to work with others
  6. Share and collaborate with others about what you learn

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