Today's researchers are gaining access to environmental data like never before and increasingly collaborating globally with peers and students.

Launching a weather balloon.

Modern techniques and technologies for data-intensive science are so different that they represent a new paradigm in research exploration. However, large amounts of raw data collected for publication resides on personal computers, aging institutional servers, or outdated backup devices in closets in a wide range of data formats. It is extremely time consuming and expensive to mine relevant data, and a lot of collected data is never curated or published or utilized systemically. Researchers are finding that harnessing traditional and new sources of data in collaborative ways is the best approach to research and achieving publishable results.

Collecting soil bulk density samples.

myObservatory's quality assurance tools can help you establish protocols to address imperfect data sets, flagging values that are likely errors. Quality assurance tools can also highlight statistical anomalies, which many indicate additional questions that should be asked. Long-term data storage means that your data is safe and secure, through project member turnover, office hardware failure, or simply forgetting where data was stored.

Access controls allow multiple users to safely work on the same data, without having the ability to delete or access data outside of their own; comprehensive logging lets you know what all users are doing, and what's happening to all data. Access controls can also be leveraged to provide outside entities - auditors, other researchers, even members of the scientific public reading a paper - with read-only access to selected data.

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